Set in beautiful rolling countryside, Clare’s organics was born out of a love for good food and the utmost respect for the environment and animal welfare.

Fed up with not being able to get good quality meat from the local supermarket and becoming increasingly disillusioned with the production of so called organic poultry, we decided to start our own monthly meat box scheme.

About the farm

Paul and Clare Sykes farm organic chicken for the table at Westmill Farm on the Wiltshire / Oxfordshire border. The chickens range from a very early age (around 10 days old, weather depending) on our clover leys. They have plenty of cover to scratch about in and dust baths that are very popular!

We farm well within the Soil Association standards with a maximum of 300 birds per shed; we believe that small is beautiful and pushing the standards to the limit is wrong.

Making a difference

We farm alongside nature and encourage it to flourish on our farm not pushing it out to the edge of our fields. We have nettle banks that butterflies flock to and wild flowers that swarms of bees rise from as you walk past. Many wild birds live on the farm including fieldfares, lapwings, English partridge and the local red kite.

We have hedges surrounding our fields that also support masses of wildlife such as insects, beetles and lots of rabbits.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about Clare's Organics, please call us on: 01793 710810

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