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April 2007 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

Things have been as busy as ever here with the longer daylight. The summer jobs are now in full swing again with things like the weekly strimming under all of the electric fences and of course the birds are out from around 5.30am and won’t go in until 8.30pm. And come mid-summer they will be out until at least 9.45 pm, long days but well worth it.

Farmers rant

I hope that you don’t think I’m constantly whining or that I am trying to uphold the stereotype of a grumpy farmer with my rants, however just as things were going along nicely we were broken in to. Thieves pulled down a section of our 7ft high fence, cut the locks off of our shipping container and stole about £1500 worth of power tools and a diesel generator.

Why can’t they save up like everyone else? And the chances of catching them, well I think I have more chance of winning the lottery. Still you have got to keep smiling.

How 'Green' are you?

I was talking with friends the other night about how 'Green' it is possible to be on a farm, and I actually think we are pretty good. Here's why:

  • Our delivery van and tractor run on locally produced Bio-Diesel
  • We are installing a wind turbine to power our farm
  • We manage to recycle our meat boxes at least 6 times and get about 70% back
  • We use recycled paper
  • We recycle on farm plastics
  • Our chicken manure goes to Coleshill Organics for composting in exchange for machinery use
  • We buy our office electricity from a green service provider

I´m sure we do more but I think the most important thing is our bio-diesel use and the manure composting. All of this takes place within 1 mile of us.

Box delivery dates for 2007

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Until next month, best wishes,

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