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August 2007 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

Well, we picked the wrong week to go away on our holidays! Clare and I thought it would be a great idea to hire a boat and spend a week on the Norfolk Broads. You really need the weather to be on your side for this type of holiday and I´m afraid it wasn´t. We did however have fun and had a very relaxing time. Better luck with the weather next year.

Price of food on the rise?

I had a letter from my feed company while I was away talking about another rise in grain prices this year (due to the torrential downpours we had last month and crops being used for energy as we try to find a solution to our worldwide energy crisis). They said ´Cheap food is looking to be a thing of the past´. I have often wondered how people will cope if food prices in supermarkets rise and fuel becomes more expensive and harder to get, which some sources say is as little as 5 years away.

Will eating local seasonal produce become the norm? And, will half of the garden be down to fruit and veg as it was when I was a child? I would rather that vision than a Mad Max scenario - although, I´m sure Clare would like to meet Mel Gibson.


It would be great to hear from you with any ideas or comments (good or bad) about your monthly boxes. So please drop us a line or email us with any comments you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

Coleshill Local Food Festival

Don´t forget the Coleshill Local Food Festival on the 8th of September. Clare will be on our stand so, if you are planning on coming along, please do pop over and say "hello". There will be loads of local food to try and buy, guided walks, beer and wine, etc.

Until next month, best wishes,

Clare & Paul

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