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February 2007 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Wow, I haven't seen snow like that since 1980-something when the school bus couldn't get up the hill and I had 2 days off of school. However, I must confess I enjoyed taking the day off and going sledding.

It was quite funny watching the chickens as I opened up the sheds - they all ran out, skidded to a halt and darted back inside. Still we are back to the normal weather patterns now, i.e. you watch the weather on the BBC in the morning and it is nothing like they said it would be.

All of our new sheds are built and have been put into production now, they took me a bit longer than I anticipated but I am forever the optimist. Hopefully I won´t have to get anymore until the summer at least.

Farmers rant

Well I´m afraid I seem to always have something to go on about, I might be turning into Victor Meldrew.

I was going to blab on about all of the litter that is being thrown out of car windows all the way along the B4508 where I, and many others, farm. But I am working on trying to resolve this so maybe in a month or so I will have my say. Until then I´m going to think calm thoughts.


If you have a favourite recipe that you think I should have on our website please E-Mail it to us via our Contact Us page.

Until next month, best wishes,

Clare & Paul

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