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January 2007 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I trust you all had a good break and struggled to get back into the swing of things like I did (Note: I still am struggling to get back into the swing of things).

Things are going well here, I have 2 of my 4 new sheds finished, not quite to schedule (Clare wouldn’t let me work over Christmas, otherwise they would be finished) but I have a little time on my side to get them done.

You will notice that, as promised, most of your boxes will be fresh this month and this should slowly get to the stage where it will all be fresh. You will also notice a new product this month that is one of our favourite winter foods - mutton.

Unless you have cooked mutton before I would advise you take a look at the suggested recipes here or trawl your cookery books for something that takes your fancy. Just remember it is a meat that will reward you with a fantastic meal if you cook it long and slow.

Farmers rant

Well I thought it wouldn’t be right for a farmer to start the New Year off without a whinge. The buzzard that I was so delighted with for helping keep the rabbits away has teamed up with the local crow population and started taking my chickens. I have found a solution and it involves Radio 4.

The buzzard supposedly only eats the dead chickens, so I purchased a cheap radio from Argos (what an experience, I don’t get out much you see) tuned it to Radio 4 and now leave it playing during the day by the shed, the theory is, crows etc. don’t like the sound of human voices or John Humphreys or something along those lines. Anyway, it seems to be working so when they are too big for the crows to take I will move it to the next shed etc. I will keep you posted, and if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know.

Until next month, best wishes,

Clare & Paul

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