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July 2007 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

I don´t want to state the obvious but it´s a bit damp out there.  I hope that you haven´t been affected by last weeks downpour too much?  Luckily, we live on the side of a hill so we were okay - it did take Clare four hours to get back from Bristol, but that's not that bad when you see what other people are going through on the news.


This month's box is more Summery with smaller cuts of lamb and pork just right for BBQ's and seasonal recipes.  It's a shame the weather isn't conforming to the Summer season too but you can't have it all.

If you are anticipating getting some sunshine in August then you might want to order one of our BBQ boxes.  They are extremely popular and are only £13. You can also add things like steaks, lamb or top up with more beef burgers if you want to.


We will be finishing the market in London either this week or the week after depending on how many birds we have left, giving us a 3 week break from it in August.

Most of our customers there are away, and the market pretty much grinds to a halt.  I will have plenty to do though catching up with all of the jobs I keep putting off.  I am also hoping to put up a decent size lean-to barn for straw storage which will make life that little bit easier.

Coleshill Local Food Festival

We will be at the Coleshill show again this year on the 8th of September, I know its still July but it's a date well worth putting in your diaries.  There is loads to see, do, eat and drink and it is always a great day out.  Do come and say hello to us if you are coming along.

Until next month, best wishes,

Clare & Paul

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