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June 2007 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

Well I finally managed to get the new chicken cover crop in (better late than never). With the help of the heavy downpours it has managed to push its way through really quickly too. Unfortunately the local rook and pigeon population have already found it, much to my annoyance. However, I seem to have Molly (our dog) ½ trained enough to chase them away

This will (providing the rabbits, rooks and pigeons don´t eat it all first) give the chickens a really good amount of natural cover to range in and should last them until at least March next year. This mixture of seed includes buckwheat, sweet clover, black sunflower, rape, millet and kale.

Calculate your carbon

For those of you reading this on the internet, and who haven’t already seen it, this site it is pretty interesting. It will tell you your carbon footprint and give you an action plan to reduce your output. For our household it was 5.88 in total, apparently the UK average is 10.2 so I think we faired well.

I just tried it again at 10.30am and it was too busy - I guess there are lots of people not working in offices today.


The market in London has been really busy for us and has only just started to quieten down a little for the summer; we are really looking forward to August as we are not doing any markets at all, only our boxes. This should provide a nice 3 week break where we will have our Saturday back and I won´t have to get up at 4am.

Until next month, best wishes,

Clare & Paul

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