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March 2007 Newsletter

Hello to you all,

Well it looks like Spring has finally started breaking through after what is the wettest winter I can remember.  This is great news for the chickens - with the wind and rain at bay for a while they are ranging well and enjoying scratching around and sunbathing.

New sheds

The new sheds are really working well for us and we are pretty much at full capacity with them now.  This means we will probably have to get another 2 this year.  I think I will make sure I build them in August and not in the middle of winter like the last lot.

Farmers rant

Phone your council, it works!  Last month I told you about the litter problem on the road, well I called the council and 2 weeks later they spent 2 days cleaning the verges.  And what a difference it has made.  I only hope that when people drive past with their fast food lunch, they will notice the change and think twice before chucking the wrappers out of the car window.

I remain hopeful

Back / Fore rib joints

For those of you with a back or fore-rib joint in your box this month, please be aware that because of the shape and size of the joint it will not need to be cooked as long as a standard silverside type joint.

Box delivery dates for 2007

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Until next month, best wishes,

Clare & Paul

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