We believe that farming alongside nature and creating a stress free environment for our birds is paramount to their health, welfare and, ultimately, their taste. A happy bird is a tasty bird.



We don´t use any routine antibiotics in our livestock, we simply manage for positive health by:

  • Keeping them in smaller numbers
  • Rotating the ground they are on (keeping the pastures fresh)
  • Giving them the best quality organic non-Genetically Modified (GM) feeds (a great deal of non-organic feed contains GM Soya)
  • Creating a stress free happy environment for them to live in.

Although we don´t as yet have on-site processing facilities our animals only travel 20 minutes off of the farm to the local family run abattoir.


Chicken roaming the pastureWe farm alongside nature and encourage wild flowers to grow (some people might call them weeds) which in turn encourages beneficial insects and birds on to our farm.

The nettles that grow in the hedgerows are full of butterflies and the bees love the thistles and wild flowers.

No artificial fertilisers are used only green manures like Phacelia, Buckwheat and Sweet Clover to name but a few. We also spread some of the composted manure from our chickens; the rest goes a quarter of a mile down the road to our local veg box scheme for composting and use on their fields.

All of this helps to maintain the long term fertility and biological activity of the soil.


We promote social and economic sustainability by employing local people on the farm and supporting other local farms by using their beef, pork, lamb and mutton.

Sharing ideas about production methods with other farmers in producer groups is a great way of learning about even better ways of farming with nature. We all want the same thing so sharing knowledge is a great way of helping each other.

Ultimately, the above ensures that choosing organic helps towards better livestock, a better environment and a better you.

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