Our aim is to provide a competitively priced box scheme, which will deliver the best quality produce, that is accessible to all.


We produce all of the chicken that is included in our boxes and support other local farms by using their beef, pork and lamb in our monthly selecton too.

Chicken – Produced by Clare and Paul at Westmill Farm. A mixture of Sasso and Hubbard chickens that are slow grown in small numbers, meaning higher welfare and a superior taste.

Beef – Guy and Liza Dibble of Eastrop Farm, near Highworth, and Douglas at Eastbrook Farm produce our beef. The meat is hung for 3-4 weeks before it is traditionally butchered which helps give it that extra special tenderness, texture and flavour.

Pork – Produced at Warren Farm, near Lambourn, the hardy Duroc pigs produce great pork and melt in the mouth bacon that is just right for a Sunday mornings breakfast.

Lamb/Mutton – Also from Warren Farm. Succulent and sweet, mouth watering lamb and superb mutton ideal for slow cooking on those cold winter nights.

Meat Box Options

Let us choose – Set Box
If you let us choose the meat that goes into your box you will get a varied and exciting selection each month. You will always get your staples, such as minced meat, chicken portions and a roasting joint, but will also get an ever changing selection of meat. This is by far the most popular option and is much more fun - don't forget we always put recipes in your box and if you don't like bacon, for example, let us know and we will not include it in your boxes. The Set Box is also much better value as you will always get more meat for your money.

You know what you want – Bespoke Box
For those of you who plan their meals in advance, or just know what you will cook each month, you can customise your box to suit you. We have a full list of our produce available from which you can browse and select your preferred cuts of meat. It still represents great value for money and you can add or remove things each month - just give us a few days notice before your box is due and we'll do the rest.

Set Box Sizes – Typical Contents

Box options Click to order your meat box

For a full list of our produce, or to order a Bespoke Box, please click here.


'You can't get chicken as good as this in Paris. I stock up when I'm here and take it back with me.'

'I cooked one of your birds in a cooking bag last weekend for a dinner party and my friends all said it was the best chicken they had ever tasted.'

'We are enjoying the meat so much, we're running out before the next delivery! We figured we could get a large box occasionally and stock the freezer up so we don't run out. Keep up the hard work.'

If you would like to comment on our produce we'd love to hear from you.

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